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ATLAS 215 & console Aug 14th 2015, 00:04 1 6,725 on 14/8/15
ATLAS - 15X Repair Information Mar 28th 2014, 01:44 1 6,913 on 28/3/14
Re-Tubing Galaxy V Mar 28th 2014, 01:29 8 7,298 on 27/2/15

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Yaseu FT 102 brakemanbobsmith on 8/9/15
Sir, I had one in pristine condition, original owner, Yes relays get dirty, but a minor issue. There is a fellow who specializes in replacing them.
I was lucky to get 200 bucks. I am sorry I sold it. I was relocating and
space was an issue. 750.00 is way out of line.... and I can say this since I loved mine and only got 200 bucks..MINT.. no scratches, no smoking...perfect condition. Wait until the stock market crashes. Remember it has tubes in it.... better stock up on them if you purchase the 102 since I have some other gear that is now boat angers since tubes are unavailable. K9Bw
ATLAS 215 & console K9BW on 14/8/15
Hello Hams,
I have an ATLAS 215 with P.S. and console. This is the 3rd time the audio transmit went out. CW on all bands still strong and receive still works. I have no test equipment not even a signal tracer or work bench so the last time I sent it out to someone who claimed to be an Xemployee of ATLAS. It is old and obsolete but just wonder if there are any Techs left who have worked on these units. I would like to find someone who had experience with installing a robust component replacement so I do not have another identical failure. I realize that these items had lots of problems. Any one know of a source who might be knowledgeable about fixing this old stuff.
I wish I could also get my galaxy V going but the price of ifffy tubes is outrageous.80% of the tubes including the final sweep tube went south just sitting in storage.
73's....and happy D.X.
Re-Tubing Galaxy V K9BW on 30/3/14
Bill, a number of things. some did not light. many that did not, no electrons flowed through them. I have a tube tested and these became duds from just sitting around. The finals were new when I put it away. the glass in those tube just sort of disintegrated in various spots..mostly at the base and tops were the metal connectors are. Only about 10% were OK...if my old tube tester is correct. Some the filament no longer lit.. Rig was stored inside a heated house and it was in a sealed box and no one touched it or disturbed it. Sort of a surprise to me since I expected maybe one or two to get gassy but the finals that were brand new tubes not new old stock... went bad at the tops. I remember years ago Russia was still making tubes. I guess they are out of that business and now invading countries again.
ATLAS - 15X Repair Information K9BW on 28/3/14
This is the 15 to 160 model with power supply. I had it fixed by a ham twice and now it has failed again. I am looking for someone else who is qualified to fix it. Receive and CW works but transmit audio went out again. I am guessing but a more rugged transistor should probably be installed. wonder if anyone else has had this problem of the auto transmit going out all the time. CW output is OK.
Re-Tubing Galaxy V K9BW on 28/3/14
Just took out my Galaxy V from storage.... that has been in storage for about 30 yrs. It was working perfectly when I put it away and then my work took me away from home for a long time. when I opened the packaging... there of course was not physical damage or moisture or water or anything.. but about 80% of the tubes went south by just being in storage.. no none were broken . They just are dead. I am afraid I know the answer to this question.... is the any reliable source of tubes anymore??? any where??? I do not trust new old stock since that is what I had in the Galaxy before I put it away. It was re-tubed with back then with what were new tubes. I guess I have a paper weight on my hands but it does not hurt to ask.

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