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TS-590s distortion on 6 meter JT65 Jun 3rd 2017, 10:06 1 5,800 on 3/6/17

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TS-590s distortion on 6 meter JT65 K4WQ on 3/6/17
I've recently started operating my TS-590s on 6 meters JT65. I have had no distortion issues on any of the other bands that this rig operates on. However, on 6 meters, I have noticed bad audio distortion on both the incoming JT65 signals and also I have received complaints that my signal is also distorting. I've tried different antennas in the outside chance that something is amiss there. Currently using a vertical antenna. Tried a Rigblaster interface as well as the internal USB interface. WSJT-X for the s/w. Anyone else have a similar issue with only 1 band exhibiting distortion?

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