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PIC Programming for Beginners Apr 2nd 2012, 02:50 13 10,845 on 6/3/15

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PIC Programming for Beginners K0IQE on 2/4/12
Kit / Board was purchased from ARRL I'll contact Jackie in the morning.

Also, look for a direct e-mail as I would be interested in the workaround.

TNX for the help.
PIC Programming for Beginners K0IQE on 2/4/12
The hardware is from Canakit with a USB connection to a laptop running Windows 7

S/W is MPLAB IDE version 8.10.00
Programmer is PICkit 2 version

All files were loaded from the ARRL supplied CD and none have been updated via internet.
PIC Programming for Beginners K0IQE on 2/4/12
Following the ARRL PIC Programming for Beginners I get the following error when I try to program the target using Ch3 files on CD.

Programming Target (4/1/2012 10:37:43 PM)
Erasing Target
Programming Program Memory (0x0 - 0xA8)
Programming Program Memory (0x3FE - 0x3FF)
Verifying Program Memory (0x0 - 0xA8)
PK2Error0027: Failed verify (Address = 0x0 - Expected Value 0x0 - Value Read 0x3FFF)

Also after programming and Clicking View->Program Memory, all locations are zero except the last location which has a value of 0x38.

Program runs OK using MPLAB Sim


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