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Broken ARRL account Apr 13th, 00:02 4 885 on 31/5/24

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Broken ARRL account NC1VR on 28/4/24
Issue has been resolved. I registered on ARRL prior website update, after login to updated site the system somehow generated a new account under my credentials then merged with existing one. Results is the merging of two accounts caused this problem. IT team deleted mistakenly generated new account and all data with membership returned back.

73, Vlad - NC1VR
Broken ARRL account NC1VR on 13/4/24
Does anyone experience a problem with broken ARRL account? My account was messed up about 1 month ago or so. All personal data as well as membership are gone, only my callsign and login data are left. Trying to enter missing data back to empty fields I got an error message "Data are exist". Clicking on the button "Join" though I'm still an active member got another error "A critical error has occurred. Please check the Event Viewer for further details." The irony is I have DXCC, WAS but the site says I'm not ARRL member. Tried different browsers on PC, Mac, login/relogin, cleaning browser cache memory, etc - no luck, still same problem. Eventually I called to ARRL helpdesk and they said I'm not alone, others experience the same problem, and my membership is OK promising the site will be fixed soon. I don't think so especially when my due time to to renew a membership will come. How can I renew one if account is broken?

73, Vlad - NC1VR

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