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One Antenna and two radios Dec 30th 2020, 19:36 1 5,127 on 30/12/20
Antenna for a Yaesu FT991a Transceiver Sep 24th 2020, 13:10 4 6,765 on 24/9/20

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VHF/UHF FM Voice? KJ7WUZ on 31/12/20
Search for repeaters in your area using your Googlefu. Start by monitoring your repeaters. There may be some ham nets in your area. Search for local clubs and their Website should show what’s available.
New: What is the best starter equipment? Neustein on 31/12/20
I’m a new ham and I got a good shack set up. Buy the best that you can afford. Yaesu FT991a for about $1100, ZeroFive 30’ FlagPole $900, LDG Tuner $250, misc cables and fittings $300, and a FT3DR Ht for $400. The Ft 991a is multiband and covers 2 meter, 70 cm, and the HF bands. I did not skimp and bought new but lots of this available used on QRZ for about 10-15% less. Got my Tech in July and my General in December and working on my Extra. Just bought a used FT950 and DMU2000. I’m like a crack head when it comes to this hobby.
One Antenna and two radios KJ7PVJ on 30/12/20
I am a new Ham having received my General at the beginning of December. I am really enjoying this pursuit and studying for my Extra.

I have a Yaesu Ft-991a and a ZeroFive 30’ Flagpole antenna. I have just purchased a second radio, a Ft-950. I plan on using both radios in my shack and would like to be able to switch between the two radios into the same antenna.

I found the Alpha Delta Coax Switch, DELTA-2B, and it seems that I could use this to switch between the two radios into the single antenna. Would this work or is there a better way to accomplish this?

Thanks in advance for sharing your expertise.

73 and Happy New Year.

Antenna for a Yaesu FT991a Transceiver KJ7PVJ on 24/9/20
Excellent suggestion and I thank you very much. As far as a VHF/UHF antenna, I was leaning towards a Comet GP3. Do you think this would be a good start for me?
Antenna for a Yaesu FT991a Transceiver KJ7PVJ on 24/9/20
I am a new Ham operator. I passed my Tech License test a month ago and have been using my HT on VHF using local repeaters. I have been enjoying it so much I have decided to work on my General and build a ham shack. What a learning experience this has been and I have NO friends that are Hams (although I joined a local club, Voice of Idaho.) I have just received a big pile of equipment including a ZeroFive 30’ Flagpole (HOA restrictions in my neighborhood) antenna and a Yeasu Ft991A transceiver (along with power supply, tuner, radial wire, coax, and related stuff.) I will be putting my Flagpole up this weekend and starting to put everything together.

MY QUESTION: I need an antenna for 6m, VHF, and UHF as my needs for the other bands will be covered by the ZeroFive Flagpole. I have spent a lot of time on DX Engineering looking at antennas that will cover these bands but no easy solution is obvious to me. I assume the the 6m, VHF, and UHF will be covered through the second antenna port on the radio (CORRECT.)? I assume that when using these bands I can cover it with a three band antenna like a V2000A. This antenna requires a Triplexer MX2000. I don’t understand how this Triplexer would be hooked up to the FT991A, assuming I use the VHF/UHF antenna port (Correct?) If the multiplexer was not a required item I would have assumed that I could use the VHF/UHF antenna port. I could just get a UHF/VHF antenna and forgo the 6m but I prefer to not limit exploring this band, although this would be a more straight forward approach.

In summary: What antenna would you recommend or use for covering the 6m, VHF, and UHF bands? Is the 6m band covered with the UHF/VHF antenna port? How would you connect the three band antenna to the FT991A?

Thanks in advance. I can already see that this new hobby will be a long and expensive journey. Any knowledge or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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