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Kenwood TR-7950 MIC need photos K0CTR on 30/10/20
Greetings everyone- this is my first post on this forum and am glad to now be a member of the ARRL family. I should have signed up years ago! Glad a few folks in my local club talked me into it.

Folks- I purchased an early to mid-80s vintage Kenwood TR-7950
2 meter mobile rig off of ebay. It's actually in pretty decent shape but i am cleaning it up and getting it ready to test out and if all works well, install a tone board and then donate to a member in my club who could use a mobile base station. Or I might just keep it myself and use it as my mobile base station and get the other member something newer I really like these 80s and 90s vintage rigs.

In the process of cleaning it up, I disassembled the microphone as it was caked with gunk from over the years and I wanted to get the mic case soaked in some de greasing and cleaning fluid & sanitized with the internals removed. The problem- I failed to take photos of the inside before I removed the guts, and now I am having a hard time getting it back together the proper way, in particular where the PTT switch and associated wire connected to the PTT button (that returns the PTT switch to stand-by/non transmit/pushed out mode) are connected. Do any of you have one of these rigs and would you mind unscrewing the back of the mic taking a few photos of the guts and how the metal wire/spring wire is connected and how the PTT switch is mounted? I'd be most grateful! I've already searched the web but have not come up with anything promising.

Thank you


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