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Raspberry Pi low power contesting Apr 24th 2017, 22:42 3 10,043 on 31/5/17
EAs for QRP in wilderness areas Mar 24th 2017, 22:59 1 6,669 on 24/3/17

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Raspberry Pi low power contesting KF7UBC on 24/4/17
Has anybody used a low power computer such as a raspberry Pi (with soundmodem or TNC-Pi) on battery power? I'm thinking about doing it and I found a low power 10 inch 12v monitor (pulls 500mA at 12v) too.
EAs for QRP in wilderness areas KF7UBC on 24/3/17
So has anybody ever done an environmental assessment for a QRP operation in a wilderness area? It seems dumb that if I take a 5 watt transceiver with me hunting in wilderness areas I have to send in an EA. Does anybody have any experience with EAs for something so trivial? Do I just send in a paper that says 5 watts won't do anything?

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