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qrp kits on the market? Nov 16th 2016, 04:22 5 11,336 on 24/4/17
Renewed Ham in Boston Nov 16th 2016, 03:27 3 6,842 on 27/12/16

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qrp kits on the market? KA1TMA on 17/11/16
Thank you Mark, that is quite a list. I will start looking through it to see what i can find.
qrp kits on the market? KA1TMA on 16/11/16
Hello all,
I am curious if anyone could recommend any moderately priced QRP kits out there available for someone new to the game?

I would also be interested in a pre-built QRP kit as well.

Picking a Call sign Lucky56 on 16/11/16
Quote by raydoe
Is it policy for hams to give sarcastic answers to reasonable questions?

haha, yes it is!
Renewed Ham in Boston KA1TMA on 16/11/16
I first earned my license in 1989, encouraged by my father that was active in Amateur Radio. But after high school I became interested in other things. Eventually the license expired in 1999 and I never renewed.

Until now. I recently took my Technician exam and passed - and I requested my old call sign back - which was granted.

Now I am looking for some guidance, especially in QRP. And contesting. I was wondering if there were many hams on here that are in the Boston area. I haven't picked up any equipment yet, but the good news is, after taking a few practice exams, it seems my CW is at least 15WPM.


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