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ICS AUXCOMM vs. ARES and others KJ4ZIH on 11/4/16
I attended, and thoroughly enjoyed, a three day AuxComm before HamCation.

Our trainers were experienced, qualified, and had very diverse backgrounds.

The take-aways were many and helpful; not the least of which was 30 new EM contacts from all over the nation, and a man in the DHS Office of Emergency Communications who knows me by name.

Our class performed exercises at all levels, from 'volunteer fire department lost a repeater' to 'multi-county Cat 4 hurricane recovery', where we exercised the ability to plan an entire communication response.

Officially, I am now listed as a resource in the state and national database, exactly as a MCU or cache of radios.

I wasn't hurt, and gained contacts and experiences that make me more effective at every level. Best of all, I gained credibility and certification from a federal agency that will help me work with the growing group of Emergency Managers who believe the sales hype telling them their radio and cellular systems are bullet proof.

For me, always, the bottom line is that any training I can afford is a bonus. I've never been damaged by learning something new.


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