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Kenwood TM-V71 reboots on High Power Apr 23rd 2017, 11:26 2 5,808 on 24/4/17
Converting a 80M dipole to 160M ? Jan 5th 2017, 12:24 3 5,830 on 9/2/17
End Fed Antennas Oct 1st 2016, 14:09 2 6,155 on 17/10/16
Is new ICOM 7300 a SDR? Mar 6th 2016, 11:25 6 14,615 on 19/6/20
New Icom 7300 and G5RV Antenna Mar 4th 2016, 22:34 2 6,811 on 7/3/16

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Kenwood TM-V71 reboots on High Power hamwillyt on 23/4/17
Quick question. I've been successfully using my Kenwood with external antenna on roof for a year now and all was fine. This morning, I tried to hit a distant 146.610 repeater using high power and unit rebooted.

Any idea why and how to fix ?

Converting a 80M dipole to 160M ? hamwillyt on 5/1/17
Hi and I'm new to to this fun hobby and have an ICOM 7300. I've installed a 5GRV (6M to 80M) in north / south direction and a simple 80M dipole that runs in east / west direction. I really don't find much of a difference monitoring and successfully transmitting on 80M between the two antennas.

So, is it possible to simply "add correct lenght of bare wire" to the simple 80m dipole to so it works at 160M

End Fed Antennas hamwillyt on 1/10/16
I've been successfully using a G5RV (6 - 80 meters) running in East - West Direction about 40 feet from ground connected to new Icom 7300 with only its internal antenna tuner that seems to work find.

I'd like to run an "end fed" wire antenna in the North to South direction also about 40 feet up with feed point connected to house chimney making sure the wires from G5RV don't cross too close. I see their are Zepp and other types for sale. My hope is to use this to extend my DX coverage.

Any recommendations would be most appreciated.

KC1EWJ in Blackstone, Mass
Is new ICOM 7300 a SDR? hamwillyt on 6/3/16
I am a 62 y/o guy from Mass studying for my General Ticket and plan on purchasing a HF rig for DXing using SSB and CW (after I learn).

I'm looking to invest in a "not too complicated" rig and have read that the new Icom 7300 uses SDR technology and signal processing. It also has TFT touch screen tha provides complete operational status including a stunning real-time spectrum display with waterfall plus a useful audio scope display. I assume some non SDR radios have the same.

So my question is whether it's worth paying about 2X for this apparant "SDR Technology" in a rig without needing an external computer or invest in a non-SDR unit that costs less and may work just as well ?

New Icom 7300 and G5RV Antenna hamwillyt on 4/3/16
I am preparing to get my General Ticket and a new ICOM 7300 HF Rig (that has an internal antenna tuner) for DXing using SSP and CW (when I learn).

I plan to get a G5RV antenna ( with a 51 feet wire and 16ft, 450 Ohm Ladder line (that I will run perpendicular to wire wire dipole for use on 40M – 6M bands and mount it horizontally about 30 feet up on two backyard trees. Then fun 50 Ohm coax into house.

I have a few questions.

1) Even though I do not plan to use 80M or 160M bands, would I get better DX reception if I were to use a longer, 105ft wire / 35 ft ladder line, G5RV unit?

2) Should I invest in a Balun (1:1 or 4:1) to connect the 450 Ohm ladder to 50 Ohm Coax? Or simple create a “balum” by creating a 8 – 10 loop with Coax?

3) Should I / do I need to install a Lighting Arrestor (like within G5RV ?

4) What type Coax should I purchase ?

and finally

5) Should I use only the amount of Coax cable to connect to HF System (approx 40 feet) or is it OK to get a 75 foot length and simply wrap and store next to Rig.

Much thanks for help

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