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Farewell to Radio Shack 0007102251H80 on 16/8/15
My experience with Radio shack does not go back that far either, but I remember how I used to go in there to get different components and project boxes. Unfortunately, just like the last comment, the last time I went in to Radio shack, none of the three workers knew any thing about electronics. The store I went in was getting ready to close, so I was able to find a few things at great reduced prices.
Vacuum Tube Tranceiver Project KD3FJ on 16/8/15
How is your progress on the project? I am somewhat new to HAM radio, well I have had an interest since I received my AAS in Electronic Engineering technology back in 1997, now I just got my Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering and Communications Technology. Currently I seeking to get more involved with Amateur Radio, and take the exam to get my license. Though I have not yet done anything with vacuum tubes, I am interested to try some stuff. At this time, besides my ARRL handbook, I am seeking out old Radio electronics textbooks, so I could better familiarize myself with vacuum tubes. Anyway, I would be interested to know more about your project. Thanks, Richard Burroughs

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