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Creating a Brand New Class W5BFF on 21/6/15
Greetings Hams and Teachers. I have an interesting, and I'm guessing unique opportunity to teach middle-school aged children to become hams.

I was hired by the Atlanta Independent School District (Texas) to teach a full year of "wireless communication" classes after school. I'll teach two one-hour classes each day after school. The very interesting thing is the program is fully funded!

They have offered to pay for any equipment I need to teach these kids about electronics and wireless communications!

I ordered the ARRL Tech and General Instructors Guide to get me started with some curriculum, but I have a WHOLE YEAR of instruction I get to do with these kids!

I am in the process of helping my 3 boys (15, 13, and 8) who are all licensed hams, to establish the Atlanta Rabbits Amateur Radio Club. Right now, they are the only kids in the whole school district that are licensed.... until I get some kids licensed next school year.

I don't want to JUST teach those kids the test. I want them to not only know the correct answers to the TECH, General, and Extra.... I want them to know WHY those are the correct answers.

What source do y'all use for your curriculum???

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