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Question about End Fed Antennas Jan 3rd 2014, 07:11 4 9,188 on 5/3/15

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ARRL eQSL Policy 0007035750H80 on 19/9/14
I would like to see ARRL/LoTW accept eQSL's. As a new Ham Op I found it extremely hard to find the op's in the last few states I needed to get my eQSL WAS award the other day. I found myself on the nets looking up each call sign on QRZ for the needed states to see if they logged to LoTW, it seems a heck of a lot of Hams out there don't and have a bone to pick with ARRL.
Question about End Fed Antennas 3100193311H80 on 3/1/14
Hi, I am new to Amateur Radio and to ARRL, I just signed up here and paid my first years dues tonight so please forgive me if I am posting this in the wrong place. I bought a very nice Kenwood TS-440S/AT, PS-50 power supply and MC-43S microphone from ebay recently and am currently studying for my beginners Tech Class license. I am currently in listen mode only using a crummy old R.S. dipole scanner antenna mounted on a tripod on my roof. I recently bought a QSO-King 36' end fed antenna (and Line Isolator) to use as my starter antenna. I plan on mounting a second tripod and mast on the other end of the house as soon as the weather permits, the roof is full of snow now and it's really cold outside so I can't set it up now.. I'm going to mount the QSO-King balun box on the original mast and run it over to the new mast (41' away). What I'm wondering is can I extend the original 36' 14 gauge antenna wire by running it back and forth between the two masts to get the max QSO-King length of 160'? If so, is there a minimum distance required between the horizontal segments? Any help/ideas I can get will be truly appreciated.

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