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Field Day submission email crashing Jul 6th 2013, 14:00 3 6,919 on 10/7/13 email Feb 15th 2013, 14:01 4 7,498 on 18/10/13

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Field Day submission email crashing WP2XX on 10/7/13
Anybody? Bueller?
Field Day submission email crashing WP2XX on 6/7/13
I cannot seem to be able to send email to - case matters not, it always bounces. I need to get my club's supporting documentation submitted. Kindly fix and inform when fixed.

73 de Bob WP2XX
ARRL mail forward problem. WB7OUT on 17/4/13
I've now tried the forwarding with three different email addresses with no success. I have tried every suggestion searching has provided. Thanks for any help! email WP2XX on 15/2/13
Can anyone tell me more about this? I have it set up correctly, but test emails simply disappear. I'd ask an appropriate HQ staffer about it, but haven't the foggiest whom to ask.


20 vs 10? W3ULS on 20/11/12
You should also keep in mind that 20M is liable to be a zoo. Packed with wall-to-wall signals. You may find that getting a word in edgewise is darn near impossible. There's a lot of space on 10M, but propagation can be iffy.

It's a trade-off.

How quickly can you change your antenna?

73 de Bob WP2XX

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