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Curriculum/lessons/resources visually disabled Sep 5th 2016, 13:43 1 10,279 on 5/9/16
EMAIL Forwarding Rejected - SOLVED Mar 4th 2015, 13:59 5 8,184 on 12/9/18

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Curriculum/lessons/resources visually disabled kk4ggl on 5/9/16
Our local radio club has written a grant for teaching Amateur Radio licensing classes at the local school for the deaf and blind.

We will be starting with the visually disabled.

Several of us have classroom teaching experience, but not with this population. We are in desperate need of curriculum, lessons and resources.

Any information appreciated.
EMAIL Forwarding Rejected - SOLVED kk4ggl on 4/3/15
After several emails with ARRL personnel this situation seems to be cleared up. Many thanks to them.
EMAIL Forwarding Rejected - SOLVED kk4ggl on 4/3/15
I noticed my emails had stopped being forwarded through ARRL. When I checked my profile, I saw that another email address had replaced the address I had put there. I have corrected the forwarding address and changed my password. I am now getting errors when I send emails to my ARRL address: Recipient address rejected: User unknown

I have used the website contact to report this also.

How could my forwarding address have been changed, and whay are my present emails being rejected?
HOAs have their own Union! K4KYV on 22/8/14
You can post comments on HR 4969 on CAI's Facebook page, if you also have a Facebook account.
email forwarding options KK4YEL on 22/8/14
Is this of any help:

If you are using an email client to access gmail, instead of a browser, you may be able to set up an identity with your email address and reply-to address set to I have done this with my regular email account. I may have to try it with gmail.

I hope I was of some help.

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