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Ring Diode Mixer Substitutions Jan 22nd 2014, 23:32 2 5,241 on 23/1/14
Op Amp Substitution Question Jan 19th 2014, 23:23 3 4,445 on 22/1/14

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Ring Diode Mixer Substitutions W7TCM on 22/1/14
Can a Mini-Circuits TUF-3 be substituted for a Mini-Circuits SBL-1 in a SSB circuit for 40 meters? The TUF-3 is a 4-pin design and the SBL-1 is an 8-pin design, so it requires a different socket. Otherwise, the gain, operating frequency range, isolation levels, voltage, amperage and schematic appear to be equally suitable for 7 MHz processing. Is there an impedance issue, or something else, that prevents the use of the TUF-3 in place of the SBL-1 in the design (MicroR2)?
Op Amp Substitution Question W7TCM on 22/1/14
Op Amp Substitution Question W7TCM on 19/1/14
Building an old design by KK7B that uses NE5514 quad op amps (14-pin PDIP). Can't find a source for them. Have not been able to determine an equivalent currently available direct substitution op amp by cross-reference searches. Anybody out there know what I should use, or where I can get the NE5514s? Thanks.

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