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homebrew variable coil Roland on 11/10/12
Thanks for the calculator Zack..I will try it out..
I do have and arrl antenna book but its a 13th edition second print.
Havent found anything in it like you were talking about...with the dipoles...
Guess I will try and google some more....i have tried to find it on the internet but so for nothing...maybe Im asking the wrong question on google.ha
Anyway thanks again for the info...
Roland w5rjl
homebrew variable coil Roland on 10/10/12
I am trying to make a coil for a portable vertical antenna like the superantenna mp1.
I will be using 1 1/4 inch pvc...and 16 awg bare copper wire..with a slider to change bands....the pvc is threaded so the spacing will be close wound....
what I am trying to find out is how many turns and how long of a pvc pipe will I need to be able to work from 80 thru 10...also how much wire if possible. I dont know how to figure out the inductance of a coil..I know there are formulas but very much math for me.
I was thinking about maybe an 18 inch piece of 1 1/4 inch pvc ...
Thank for any help you might be able to give..

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