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Advice regarding Phone Sweepstakes Nov 15th 2011, 18:57 5 8,702 on 17/12/11

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Advice regarding Phone Sweepstakes jgortney on 25/11/11
Thanks for the advice. I worked a few hours on the Sweepstakes, I only logged 30 contacts but I am now up to 34 states for WAS. Talk about a fun weekend. I got two Canada stations Washington Oregan, anc California just to name a few. I am in Ohio using an old Icom IC-761 100w and a G5RV antenna so I was very impressed with the performance of my station.

I know I didn't work that many stations but it was fun anyway!!
Advice regarding Phone Sweepstakes jgortney on 15/11/11
I am a new General Class ham. I have only been active on HF for the past 8 days. I was thinking about participating in the Phone Sweepstakes this weekend but it has been a long time since I have done any contesting. The last I did was Field Day 10 years ago.

What advice can you offer me? I do not want to come across as a noob on the air this weekend!!

Thanks for all your help!

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