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E-mail QSLs for DXCC KB3IZA on 30/6/12
Maybe because they can be altered by a photo editing software, it's just a guess on my part.
First time DXCC applicant LOTW and Paper KB5IAV on 27/4/12
My logging software DXKeeper allows you to make two different submissions(probably all do) one LoTW and one with cards, I submitted to LoTW first and then filled in the online application for the cards, there's a entry for field checking in which you enter the number of cards to be checked and by whom, LoTW then charged me for the whole submission, cards included.

When you send your cards for field checking you also put the printout of the card submission along with the cards and the application you made online to the field checker.

The above applies for a non US resident of course.

The ARRL then complete your application when they receive the paper application from the field checker.

Hope above helps.

Vy 73,

Operating Maritime Mobile and in a Reciprocal Country W7PEA on 25/2/12
Rules for DXCC below:

8. All stations contacted must be "land stations." Contacts with ships and boats, anchored or underway, and airborne aircraft, cannot be counted. For the purposes of this award, remote control operating points must also be land based. Exception: Permanently docked exhibition ships, such as the Queen Mary and other historic ships will be considered land based.

Looking at the above, I don't think you'll count for DXCC but a nice one to get in the log nevertheless.

You could set up onshore as a portable station but I imagine time in Port won't allow this.


ADI to Cabrillo n1naz on 26/9/11
N1MM Logging Program will convert to Cabrillo for you.

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