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New Fee for Print Copies of QST WI5A on 13/11/23
Don't see this mentioned yet so I guess I will start the topic.

I received the email last week regarding the change in my ARRL membership with the requirement that effective Jan 1, 2024 I need to pay "extra" to receive my printed copy of QST.

My current ARRL membership expires in August 2024.

When I renewed several years ago, One of the reasons was specifically because of the printed copies of QST.

Now ARRL has unilaterally changed the terms of the membership that I paid for and stated that I need to pay an additional fee to continue receiving something that I had already purchased.

Do I personally like the electronic copies of publications? The answer is yes and I have many items, including my daily newspaper, coming to me in a digital only format.

Several years ago, I gave about 5 years of printed QST magazines to my son-in-law for him to look thru. He joined a local club not long after and is now an active member in that organization.

So, my rant is 2-fold -

1. ARRL has retroactively changed an agreement that I had specifically signed up and paid for by telling me they will no longer deliver the printed magazine as they had previously agreed to do. Subsequently I have been told that to receive something that I had already paid for I now need to pay a surcharge.

2. The printed magazines are a valuable tool to pass out to other younger "HAMS" so they can get a feeling for what this hobby is about.

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