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Trac One Model TF424 CW Processor

Feb 23rd 2013, 21:49


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Does anyone know anything about this accessory? I have one.
My first guess was a CW audio filter but that does not appear correct. I believe it is intended to inject received CW rig audio into, and it decodes and regenerates the CW similar to a Code Practice Oscillator.
On the front is:on/off (bypass) switch: controls: FREQ: DELAY: GAIN: TONE. There is a red LED on the front panel labeled LOCK.
The back panel contains 1/4 inch jacks labeled :AUDIO INPUT, and PHONES. There is a 1/8 jack for 9 volt power to be supplied.

Inside The unit contains 4 IC's, and no transistors on a nicely etched and marked board. Those are LM-386, 567, CD4011, and CD4066. It appears the unit might have been built from a kit.
I am looking for some documentation on what this is, and how to make it work. Any information would be appreciated!


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