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Field Day scoring question

Jun 1st 2012, 17:35


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I plan to operate Field Day QRP battery-powered, battery charged by a solar panel, no commercial mains used at any time (battery has never been charged off commercial mains). Everything will run off the battery -- rig; small lamp as needed; no computer, will log by hand. The rig is a K2 at 5 watts.

As I read the FD rules, I will be Class B-Battery. My exchange should be "B VA" (Class B, Virginia). I assume there's a place on the log submission to indicate B-Battery when I submit my log.

My question is about multiplier and bonus points.

FD rules paragraph 7.2.1 says, if your power is 5 watts or less, multiply your score by 5. I get the 5X multiplier.

I'm confused by paragraphs 7.3.1 and 7.3.

-- Paragraph 7.3.1: If all your transmitters are powered by something other than commercial mains, add 100 points per transmitter up to a max of 20 xmtrs. I'll have one xmtr.
-- Paragraph 7.3.8: This awards another 100 points for "alternative power."

Does this mean I get 200 bonus points -- all transmitters powered by emergency power, AND, 100 points for "alternative power?"

Or, do I get only one 100 point bonus for "alternative power?"

Jun 4th 2012, 01:52


Joined: Apr 4th 1998, 00:00
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Your exchange will by "1B VA" as the transmitter count is included. Yes, you may claim 200 bonus points for both non-commercial power and alternative power which mean all sorts of things other than a gasoline powered generator or mobile station, as I understand the rules.

Remember that each CW and digital modes QSO is automatically 2 pts while each phone QSO is 1 pt, so you will receive 10 pts for each CW and digital mode QSO you complete and 5 pts for each phone QSO.

Do have fun!

73, de Nate >>

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