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Help for a blind Ham

Mar 22nd 2012, 23:06


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Dear HAM’s,
In our club we have a member who is total blind.
He is working already some years with a a simple 2 m. set.
Because he has a PE-call,he is allowed to work on HF bands.
A new world will be opened for him.
To startup this activity,there is purchased an Yaesu FT-897D.
First a team of Hams is settng up the 2m part.
Antenna’s and rotor are checked/repared.
Communiction between the FT-897D and his PC is done via FTBcat and Ham Radio de Luxe,
because HRL seems the best solution to “translate” settings to and from the set
to his PC.
A part of HRL is HRD.
In HRD is used the part “DDE monitor”
On his PC he is using the programm “Supernova 12.06”
This software is used to translate information in Braille.
At this moment it is possible to translate some information from HRD/DDE
as voice and braille-output.
This info is: Frequentie,Mode ,S-meter.
But the the team would also like to “translate” parts as:
-Power output
-Microfoon gain
-NB level
-more other settings.
The problem for the team is to find the needed CAT-info for the last mentioned
So there are some questions:
-Is there a Ham who has experience with a solution to communicate
between a FT-897D other then Ham Radio de Luxe for blind people
together with the program Supernova 12.06?.
-The CAT-codes for the “sliders” at the the bottem and the buttons
at the top HRD screen ?.
Your information for a solution will be much appreciated.

73’s,Henk PA3GHT
Mar 23rd 2012, 04:12


Joined: Mar 19th 2012, 14:18
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If you get this information please contact me. I have a new ham friend with the same exact questions. We run HRD hear at my shack that he uses and i would love to set it up where he can use it independent.

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