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Teaching amateur radio to elementary school students

Feb 9th 2012, 22:01


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In response to an inquiry about teaching amateur radio to 3rd-5th grade students, the following response was given in an email from Nathan McCray K9CPO, ARRL ETP instructor, and is posted for discussion here.

I am a fellow educator and your name was directed to me about how I teach 3rd - 5th grade students amateur radio and getting them licensed. I have been very successful in licensing students at the grade level. I have licensed a few dozen students over the past 10 years. My approach is pretty simple. I do the following:

1. I use the instructor guide for whatever license we are pursuing 2. I put together a PowerPoint for each lesson (I teach one lesson per
week) that brings some of the material down to their level (See attachment).
Note, I tweak my lessons based on the knowledge level of my students. It is very different from year to year so personalizing the lesson is very important.
3. The students read a section of the technician book each week and they are encouraged to take practice tests and to study all week long. I ask them to give me at least 30 minutes a day outside of school to do this.
4. I give them a quiz on things I cover that day and for previous material covered
5. Whenever I am teaching I use a ton of hands on activities
6. When they start getting 90% of the practice tests correct I schedule a test with our local VE's.
7. I have learned not to underestimate how much the students can learn!
8. I stay positive all the time!!!

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