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LOTW down now for a month

Jun 13th, 05:54


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That cyber attack a month ago on ARRL's infrastructure is unfortunate. I read in one article from ARRL that the LOTW servers were not affected but access to them has been intentionally disabled.

I haven't heard very many complaints among the amateur radio community about LOTW still being down a month later.

Maybe it is time for the ARRL membership to make our opinions known. I realize many amateurs are ARRL members for various different reasons. However in my case, I wanted to communicate to ARRL that there is really only one reason why I'm an ARRL member: earning DXCC/WAS/VUCC awards. Just before LOTW went down I had sent quite a bit of money to DX expeditions and amateurs in rare DXCC entities for LOTW confirmation and/or QSL cards for our QSOs. I'm concerned these amateur radio operators will forget to provide LOTW confirmations if or when LOTW ever comes back online.

The longer the LOTW outage lasts, the more I'm not getting the service I paid for with my ARRL membership. I'm not sure when my ARRL membership expires. But I can assure ARRL I won't renew it until LOTW is available once again. So can ARRL make it a priority to get LOTW back online?

73 KF9UG
Jun 14th, 06:29


Joined: Feb 16th 2015, 02:29
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I totally agree with you about LOTW. Right when I got my ticket they were having a 10m thing going on and you had to use LOTW to get it. So I joined up and have been submitting logs ever since. The last time I was able to check my status on confirmations was the 10th of May and it stood at nearly 21 thousand confirmed contacts and I only needed two more on 20m for 6 bands DXCC. I have since logged at least 6 more DXCC on QRZ so I can only hope that some day myself and those I have worked will be able to submit logs to LOTW. If we were at least given some reason for it being down that made some since maybe then we could feel better about it. I am only 1 year away from the time I have been waiting for, lifetime membership status. Sure hope I can still convince myself that there is a reason to make that leap.
Jun 21st, 18:28


Joined: Oct 10th 2013, 15:15
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I to keep my membership up-to-date so as to take advantage of
LOTW. Having it down this long damages the reputation, confidence and commitment in ARRL's ability to administer log awards. Maybe they should consider putting the servers into a professional cloud service.

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