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Distance between antenna and tower

Feb 24th, 05:32


Joined: Apr 4th 1998, 00:00
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I have a 2 meter yagi I want to mount vertically on a tower.
I read I need to use a non-metallic (fibre-glass) mast, but how much separation should there be between the tip of the radiator and the tower?. I have read on the internet, 1/2 wave, full wave, and it doesn't matter.
Couldn't find the answer in the Amateur Radio Handbook.

Dave K4DJW
Apr 5th, 10:22


Joined: Aug 4th 2022, 14:46
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Common consensus is half wave separation, though we recently modelled this with Eznec and the performance isn't too different at 1/4 wave if you can't manage 1/2 wave.

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