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MFJ 464 went berserk

Nov 15th 2023, 13:56


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Greetings from Oregon, where we kiss where the sun don't shine :)
I've got an Icom IC7300 wired to a Buddihex beam antenna. Proving reliable so far and thought I'd augment my station by getting my feet wet in CW. I noticed MFJ had a keyer/reader device available for a reasonable cost so last February I plunked down my $199 and got one. At first I was puzzled that I had to download the manual but no sweat as I got the .pdf saved on my desktop pc. First few contacts went well but after a week the transmit line began generating characters on it's own of gibberish disabling my attempts to override. I then began a discourse with MFJ about this that went on and on through the summer. Ultimately I was authorized to send it in for repairs, another month of waiting. I saw some YouTube video about how MFJ like many businesses post covid was short handed of personnel After several more contacts I got it back last week with a note saying that MFJ couldn't find anything wrong with it. :(
I've since hooked it up again omitting the keyboard and serial post link for the time being and it seems to be functioning nominally. I'm onto a torroid ring project right now but I was wondering if anyone else have had issues with MFJ or this MFJ 464. Thanks and a lift of the lynch lid.

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