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Sigma XR-3000d

Feb 27th 2023, 15:45

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I have a Sigma XR-3000d linear amplifier that I just purchased, used of course.

I am trying to understand the functions of some of the dials on the amp. Certainly it has the band selection, load, and tuning dials. No problem with those.

There are two dials that appear to work in unison that I don't understand. One dial is has three positions, HV, Grid Current, and Tune. The other dial is associated with the "tune" dial and it is labeled "sensitivity". What is the purpose of those two dials?

I suspect they may have a relationship with the meters, one for Plate Amps and one for I.G, H.V., and RF.


Thanks a bunch!

73 Steve WA1TZR
Feb 28th 2023, 11:47


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I believe one switch selects what the meter is "metering". In the tune position it is measuring the "relative" RF output. The sensitivity adjusts the amount of "relative" RF output it is measuring. This is used to keep the meter from "pegging" to the full scale stop.

This is used to tune the other controls for maximum RF output.


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