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Yaesu FT-101ZD/Repair HELP!

Oct 24th 2022, 15:05


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I recently picked up a Yaesu FT-101ZD at an estate sale which does power up fine. Had to order a cable but when I plugged it in everything "looks" okay.
I've got a call out a local club to see if anyone will touch this unit but in the meantime I figured I'd see who's brain I can pick here. I guess my question is just, is it worth restoring or did I buy a paperweight? My girlfriend and I have been planning to get on the air since we got our licenses so when I saw this for short $$ I figured I'd jump on it. Ya, I know its older than some people I know, but I have heard some good things about it.
I thought I could find a "shop" but NOONE works on them at any advertised radio and electronic shop that I could find locally (Southeast MA). One guy I thought did only does CB's and won't touch these now.
Anyhow...I did "Just" leave a message with the local club (so no disrespect to you guys if you read this) but any thoughts or help would be much appreciated.
Oct 25th 2022, 07:10


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Most of the guys who ran shops who did repair work retired twenty years ago.

If you want to do it yourself there are people who will help on and has image hosting but eham does not.

Fixing transmitting gear of this vintage involves hazardous high voltages.
The parts are are reasonably sized and most people don't find it difficult to work on, though it can be time consuming to get at a part buried under other parts.

When I was first starting out I would rebuild parts like switches. It should be easier to do that today.

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