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Sears Antenna Matcher

May 11th 2022, 20:17


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I have obtained a Sears Combination Antenna Matcher SWR/Power Meter. It was my farther-in-laws who passed away a few years ago. I only recently discovered this item in his old workshop. Unfortunately there was no manual or other documentation with this antenna matcher that would give me any information about it.
I'm guessing that it dates from the late 70's and may have been designed for CB radio use. The box it was in identifies it as a model 61-3578.
Does anyone have information on this unit?
May 17th 2022, 11:10


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I'm not much help, but in my 48 years of hamming, I've never seen one at ham flea markets, etc. It must have had a very limited run, intended to match a limited range of impedance, at 11 meters, rated at no more than 10-20 Watts. It may still be of use for 12 through 10 meters, QRP. Its value is in its obscurity.

I could find no information about it, other than a photo, on the web.

Cheers, 73,


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