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Gasoline/LPG generator for use with a radio trailer

Mar 6th 2022, 14:22


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My club has a trailer containing our radio equipment and we are looking to purchase a generator for extended use when not able to connect to the grid.

I am doing research for suggestions of the best brand & model of inverter generator to provide adequate power with minimal RFI. I am aware there are several that have had tests reported by ARRL but it seems most of those tests are rather dated and I found nothing newer than about 2012.

The desired output power is about 4000 to 5000 VA at 120 V 60 Hz and fuel can be gasoline, LPG, or dual fuel. Dual fuel generators are often used in RVs.

Does anyone have direct experience or suggestions for the best brand and model to use for this purpose?
Jun 3rd 2023, 19:45


Joined: Mar 31st 2020, 15:11
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I would suggest a PM (permanent magnet) excited generator. They are less affected by fluctuating inductive loads. This would also reduce the likelihood of RF interference.
The field excited generator might introduce RF into the output, as well.
I learned this from using a field excited generator to power through a UPS. The inductive load of the UPS switching in and out set up an oscillation, causing the UPS to switch online/offline/online....

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