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Where is NU MORSE Practice Software

Nov 5th 2021, 07:33


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I decided to make another attempt at learning code. I have a registered copy of NU-MORSE PRO that has been idle for several years. I tried to download and kept routing me to GO DADDY. I found copies on several download sites and downloaded. The software installed OK (unregistered mode). I attempted to register my software by entering my name and NU-MORSE code provided with original install. Here to I got routed to the GO DADDY site. In fact I searched for various combinations of nu-morse names and all routed to GO DADDY.

It 'smells' like the original NU-MORSE closed operations.

Does anyone have contact information on morse code training software that is easy to use as nu-morse?

The nu-morse pro unregistered software will run for 1 hour and then starts prompting to register and locks operation until program is exited and restarted.

Rex Klopfenstein KC8PFP
Nov 17th 2021, 19:22


Joined: Nov 13th 2021, 14:22
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I don't know about NU-Morse pro but if you want a pretty good trainer for free, try G4FON. Works for me.

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