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sunset to sunrise RFI on 80 40 and 30M

Nov 19th 2020, 09:09


Joined: Dec 14th 2005, 10:13
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I have RFI on 80, 40 and 30M each night from sunset to sunrise every day. Can I send a video of my IC-7300 panadapter as evidence?

It's ONLY from sunset to sunrise.

I’ll try to describe it…the signal is every 100 Hz, the frequency varies in what appears to be a sin fx or sawtooth over about 50 Hz…it’s periodicity is 2 Hz. So, on the waterfall, there are multiple zigzag patterns that repeat every 100 Hz. It begins to diminish a bit above 8 8 KHz and below 6.7 KHz. It’s still there on 80M and 30M but much less intense.
Any help appreciated.
73. John AB8O
Nov 19th 2020, 12:05


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These days the only practical way to identify most RFI sources is to first locate it first. There are just too many electronic and electrical devices to put together a database of noises.

Zak Lau W1VT
ARRL Senior Lab Engineer

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