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Using amateur radio call on a band that has no requirement

Nov 6th 2019, 17:32


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As I understand, today there is no requirement for a call sign ID or license on the 11 meter citizen band.
That leaves the legal user, using a legal type excepted radio to use whatever he wants ID or no ID.
Question is, does using an amateur radio call fall into the use on this band or no because it is a registered call for amateur radio service?
I cannot see a real difference where is would be an "issue".
Please offer an informed opinion from either the ARRL and/or the FCC and no opinions from any other source.
Been wondering about this for a long time.
Reason is I could use the same letters and number in the same sequence as my call and call it made up, coincidence to my call, put aside.
Look me up and see why I ask.
Nov 6th 2019, 18:24


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Hams that operate on 1750 meters use just their call sign suffix as an ID as the FCC frowns on using call signs there.
Nov 6th 2019, 21:18


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Thank you for the reply.
Feb 12th 2020, 12:08


Joined: Mar 1st 2011, 09:28
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My first question would be - what radio were you using when you were operating on 11 meters?

Second question would be - WHY?

If a person has an Amateur Extra Class license, they have all of HF to operate on, why would they want to bother with the half a meg of 11 meters and no license..

Most of the people that operates 11 meters associates that band with Outlaws and they don't take kindly to Hammies coming onto their band. Giving out your call sign would only subject yourself to criticism from them..

If you are operating illegally - using your ham gear to operate there, you are in fact breaking the law, which would jeopardize your license if you got caught. So why do it?

I know how hard I worked to get my license and I sure as heck wouldn't do anything to try and loose it.. You would be better off to buy yourself a old Camaro or Mustang and drive around town spinning your tires - with a loud exhaust and stereo - Like Ricky Bobby or Adam Sandler ..

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