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Returning to CW

Jan 21st 2018, 14:41


Joined: Jan 10th 2018, 14:42
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After starting my journey to become active again,
after a long layoff, I first want to improve my CW discipline, copy, send and operation techniques. My primary target is a QRP station operating in CW mode.

With that follows a short list of items I’m now using to get up to speed with CW. BTW, the things on the list are all unsolicited endorsements and the following items have me personally off to a good start I think.

First, I purchased the ARRL’s book “Morse Code Operating for Amateur Radio” authored by Rob Brownstein, K6RB and Jim Talens, N3JT. Tnx gents. There is solid stuff within this little tome which becomes a large tome with the information packed there in and my copy is becoming dog eared already.

Second, after some research, I purchased from the Apple Store app called Ham Morse developed by David G. Finley, N1IRZ and have chosen to use the Ludwig Koch method incorporated in it to start my practice. It is compatible with and loaded to my iPad Pro and iPhone6S, which were not purchase for this endeavor, but have been in my inventory for some time. Little did I realize at the time what an advantage they would give me in my now attempt to becoming an active Ham again. Makes my practice very portable and unobtrusive to my XYL if we’re sitting in the same room as long as I have the ear buds on. HEHE.

Third, I purchased the ARRL Morse Code Oscillator Kit to start preparing sending practice in the near future. Love the smell of melting resin in the morning....... so, need to start getting acquainted with kit assembly again because in the back of my mind there lurks the idea of building a QRP rig in the future. Looks to be many quality kits out there at reasonable cost. Would add more to the fun.

One of the reason I decided to write this up and post was that I thought maybe it would help someone else who is young or ah....... more mature and thinking about jumping in to learn or improving their Morse Code to get started

That’s where this old returnee is now and having a ball being back and going to see if he can learn to copy and send at a reasonable speed to join in with the QRP CW mode folks that seem to be having a ball too.

Questions are welcomed, suggestions and recommendations are great fully received.



P.S. I know I’ll be done when learning is no longer fun.

Mar 14th 2018, 15:29


Joined: Apr 4th 1998, 00:00
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Hello Pat,

Glad to hear you are getting back into morse code. My cw skills started to suffer when I got into data modes. I like to use Ham Morse on my iPhone 6 and on my Dell I used G4FON Koch, Morse Runner, and RufzXP. Morse Runner and RufzXP are more for people trying to get into contesting. The last 2 programs really just throw out random call signs. Just some suggestions on other apps/programs to help the learner.

73 David WD8CW
Nov 20th 2018, 09:10


Joined: Apr 4th 1998, 00:00
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Hello Pat

It’s been awhile since this thread was active. You mentioned Jim Talens and Rob Brownstein. Both are founding members of CWops. CWops sponsors the CW Academy. It is the best Avenue to true CW proficiency anywhere. There are three levels. You can start at your current skill level. They will help you determine which class to apply for.
Dec 19th 2018, 10:12


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I'm looking for a precise definition of "iambic" as applies to keys, but without success.
Dec 19th 2018, 12:50


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Joined: Apr 4th 1998, 00:00
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JUL 1981 - QST (PG. 52)
Iambic Gambit, The
Author: Fay, Lew, AA5Q

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