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FLDIGI power problem

Jul 30th 2017, 08:24


Joined: Jan 13th 2003, 11:18
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I am using FLDIGI3.23.17. When I try to transmit only a small amount of power is used(1-3 watts). My radio is set to 30 watts. I cannot find a solution to this. Can someone help?
Jul 31st 2017, 07:55


Joined: Apr 4th 1998, 00:00
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You probably want to set your (peak) power level to 100W -- but then turn your mic gain (audio level) down, so that the average power level is 20-30 W. But this depends on what radio you're using. Some radios don't have a mic gain control, and that will be a problem.

If your average power on PSK31 (I assume you're talking about this mode?) is 30 W (or so), your PEAK power will be close to 100W. That's because PSK31 and some other modes transmits multiple simultaneous tones. If your average power is higher than about 30 W, you will be clipping the peaks -- making an unholy mess on the band! (Sadly, this happens all too often.) Your ALC light, if you have one, should never light, and your speech processor (if you have one) should be off. Linearity is your friend!

On the other hand, if you're talking about RTTY or JT65, your peak power is equal to your average power, because these modes only transmit one tone at a time. Linearity is not an issue.

In future, it would help if you tell us what make/model radio you are using.

73/GL Martin AA6E

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