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Beacons, FCC Part 97.203 (b)

Jul 19th 2017, 17:27


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Question about FCC Part 97.203 (b) A beacon must not concurrently transmit on more than 1 channel in the same amateur service frequency band, from the same station location.

OK I understand I should only have one transmission from my ham base station, mobile or otherwise, on a given frequency band when performing traditional ham hobby communication. That is driven home pretty good.

I'm playing with, experimenting with, unattended, automatic uW/mW telemetry beacons on 70cm and 33cm. Also I am aware of FCC Part 15 devices, so I know I'm covered there as a fall back.

Now the meat of the question is about (b): "from the same station location". If this part was omitted it would be clear, only one transmitter transmitting on one frequency band period, but the, "from the same station location" makes it appear two transmitters in different "locations" could be in operation simultaneously.


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