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Making parts:

Aug 29th 2011, 19:51


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I wish the ARRL would put out a book on how to make capacitors and re-winding transformers, etc. Some parts are impossible to find at reasonable cost. It is too bad to dispose of gear that can be repaired. I have re-wound an Atwater-Kent radio power AC transformer early in my ham radio career. I would have liked to know how to do that right the first time. I know faulty capacitors can ruin transformers. Older gear should be more repairable than solid-state parts that are no longer made for one reason or the other. I would think one could make vacuum tubes if one knew how to go about it.
Aug 29th 2011, 21:20


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A quick search of the QST archives produced a good article on rewinding transformers.. And, I think the subject is covered in some older ARRL Hanbooks.

What type of capacitor do you want to build?


Larry, KQ4B
Sep 1st 2011, 01:24


Joined: Jul 25th 2011, 14:25
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Most of the parts that one could build probably wouldn't require an entire book to build, but I'd love to see a few newer articles on the subject.

I used the Periodicals index and tried the following searches:

winding transformers
construction homebrew capacitor

There was at least one article on building a variable capacitor, but you'll have to scroll down a bit.

Homebrewing some components would be a real challenge. In a variable capacitor, very minor vibration would translate to a change in capacitance, which would make for a very shaky variable-frequency oscillator, for example.

Ed Hare, W1RFI
Technical forum moderator
Oct 5th 2011, 15:31


Joined: Apr 4th 1998, 00:00
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You may also try Lindsay books. Lindsay often has "old technology" books like the one you wish for. They are on the web, I forgot the address, but they offer reprints of books from "way back". Many are about making old style radio parts-- including vacuum tubes!

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