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Cabrillo template for ARRL DX SSB?

Mar 10th 2015, 19:26


Joined: May 20th 2014, 01:06
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I had a good time this past weekend in the contest.

I would like to submit my log electronically, but cannot locate the template for the cabrillo log.

There are three questions I would hope a template would answer:

1. What fields are needed in the QSO: records?

2. How many columns should each field occupy?

3. Should the power component of the DX station's exchange be entered as transmitted, or should, for example, "K" appear in the log as "1000"?

If a template is available, a steer to it would be appreciated. If not, the answers to these three questions would be most helpful.

Thank you, and good DX!
Mar 14th 2015, 22:13


Joined: May 20th 2014, 01:06
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Nothing heard. Am I to assume I may put any fields I choose, in any order, in the QSO records?
Mar 20th 2015, 22:19


Joined: Jan 16th 2013, 01:39
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Go to the web form submission for your log, faster then responses in here. It is in the rules.

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