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Switching Open Wire Feedline Bewtween a Transmitter and Receiver?

Aug 8th 2011, 13:34


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An ARRL Member has asked:


I have a home-brew 160 foot dipole fed with (8 gauge wire) ladder line, spaced 5 inches apart. My question is, where or how can I get a switch to toggle between my transmitter and receiver?

I have a Viking Ranger 2 transmitter and a Hammarlund HQ-170-AC receiver."

From Moderator Bob Allison, WB1GCM:

"While the Johnson Ranger 2 transmitter will load up into a wide range of antenna impedances, the usual method of switching between separate receiver/transmitter pairs of that rea (50-60's) is to use a coaxial relay, such as a Dow-Key Relay. The output of the relay feeds an antenna tuner, which tunes your open wire fed dipole. While this method involves using more equipment, the Dow-Key Relay also has provisions for switching receiver muting, or other control circuits for reducing the receiver's RF gain.

My method of operating TX/RX pairs is to use an SWR / Wattmeter after a TR switch. Next in line towards the antenna is a coax switch. I use the coax switch to switch between a 50 ohm dummy load and an antenna tuner. I always load up into the dummy load first. This greatly reduces QRM on and near the crowded AM windows. Once the transmitter is matched to 50 ohms, I reduce the output power to about 10 watts and tune the antenna for the appropriate ham band. With SWR as close to 1:1 as possible, I then increase the output power, if needed. You may have to tweak up the dip in the final amplifier plate current once you're on the antenna just a bit. Once the antenna is tuned for a certain frequency, I write the antenna tuner settings on a chart. I actually make up a chart for each band the antenna loads to; it makes antenna tuning a snap.

The advantage to the above method is having the ability to switch the antenna from the TX to the RX, provide muting contacts, provide a procedure for causing minimal QRM, and provide the opportunity to measure output power and antenna performance. Dow-Key Relays are found plentifully on eBay.

Of course, you asked how to switch open wire line. This can be done with an open frame relay. You will need a double pole, double throw relay with large contacts. Fair Radio Sales in Lima Ohio sells many varieties of open frame relays of these.

I have also used a good old fashioned double pole, double pole knife switch to switch window line. Make sure the plate is off when you switch one of those!"

Bob Allison, WB1GCM
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