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Discuss the VUCC award process and applications.

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Open Contact Stamp Question K5CKS Jun 30th 2020, 09:06 5 7,714 on 30/7/20
Open Is there a list of who got the first VUCC on each bnand? WA3MEJ Jul 10th 2019, 11:31 6 7,666 on 10/7/19
by W1VT
Open LoTW still matching VUCC SATELLITE QSOs erroneously py2rn Jul 23rd 2017, 07:52 3 9,904 on 2/9/17
by py2rn
Open Timeframes for processing VUCC applications via LOTW? WD9EWK Aug 3rd 2011, 18:06 6 15,573 on 30/6/17
by N2VHZ
Open VUCC Accepted Grids and the FFMA K0XXX May 3rd 2016, 22:55 1 9,767 on 3/5/16
by K0XXX
Open VUCC Satellite LOTW & Cards K7TEJ Aug 23rd 2011, 16:29 1 13,234 on 23/8/11
by K7TEJ
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