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Exploration of Wireless Technologies

Exploring wireless technologies in connection with robotics, remote sensing and data gathering? Share your teaching strategies, curriculum connections, software and hardware questions.

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Open Buoy components KE0SGU Jul 24th 2019, 13:55 1 3,828 on 24/7/19
Open wireless weather station using Ham radio, can it be done? AF7JA Apr 4th 2018, 07:16 1 4,688 on 4/4/18
by AF7JA
Open Sea/Spece Buoy Project WA8SME May 30th 2012, 19:08 6 12,433 on 6/6/12
Open New altitude module from Parallax N5VEI Mar 18th 2012, 19:08 1 7,373 on 18/3/12
by N5VEI
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