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Voice modes -- Operating and technology

This forum area is for discussion and Q&A related to all types of specialized voice modes, such as digital voice, FM, and narrow-band FM, to name a few . Discussions about FM repeaters will be moved to the appropriate forum by the moderator.

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Open FM Phone Audio Volume Leveling KB3RWI Nov 23rd 2015, 05:00 1 10,489 on 23/11/15
Open HF Call Frequency? KN4RCX Apr 27th 2022, 13:45 2 5,000 on 28/4/22
by W1VT
Open When is it OK to use ONLY the call sign suffix to ID? WN6WJN Aug 6th 2014, 11:34 2 11,303 on 6/8/14
by N0NB
Open Mixed Mode AM/SSB QSOs? K0WUQ Jan 31st 2022, 23:58 3 4,314 on 1/2/22
by K0WUQ
Open "Third-Party" QSOs kc6nlx Aug 30th 2016, 23:59 3 11,741 on 31/8/16
by kc6nlx
Open Desert emergency communication WA2BRV Jul 18th 2013, 20:08 3 11,852 on 20/12/13
Open Using amateur radio call on a band that has no requirement KM3F Nov 6th 2019, 17:32 4 8,303 on 12/2/20
by WD3D
Open VHF/UHF FM Voice? KJ7WUZ Dec 17th 2020, 22:17 4 7,414 on 31/12/20
Open Operating outside privilege bands WN6WJN Jul 11th 2014, 02:48 4 11,795 on 6/8/14
by N0NB
Open Yaesu VX-8DR TX restriction outside 430-450 KK6OXU Jan 9th 2015, 00:33 5 13,280 on 15/8/15
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